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  • Lace - Biografie / Ausstellungsverzeichnis


    Company purchases
    2005 Designhotel 'Collegehotel Amsterdam'. Two works from the serie 'Urban Transition' and 'Newton' for the central lounge of this reward winning Hotel.
    2004 Bank Insinger de Beaufort - Netherlands. A total of nine works, from the series 'Canal Houses', 'Urban Transition' and 'Newton', for their head office in Amsterdam and their office in The Hague.
    1994 Florence: After moving to Florence, Lace studied classical art and architecture. He specialized in Gothic art and did a year's research on Bernardo Daddi and other religious art from the 13th and 14th century.
    1981-87 Medborgarskolan, Stockholm, Sweden: After moving to Stockholm, Lace attended a numerous of art classes. He was specializing in technical drawing and sculpture techniques. Kungl. Musikhögskolan, Stockholm, Sweden (The Royal University of Music): Under two opera pedagogues (Sten Höglund and Torsten Föllinger), Lace attended private classes in opera singing. In 1986 he was invited to attend one of the master classes of Birgit Nilsson, a world famous Opera singer.
    1979 Östra Grevie folkhögskola, Trelleborg, Sweden: For two years Lace attended the art classes from this institute.
    Exhibitions (Selection)
    2007 Art Fair - Cologne, Germany. Kunstraum 21
    2006 Holland Art Fair - The Hague. Showing several works from his series Utopia and Urban Transition.
    2005 Gallery Jos Art - Amsterdam - 'Transition'. Showing Urbanism in three different series
      KunstRAI - Amsterdam. At this international artfair Lace presented his series Utopia, Asphalt and Megalopolis.
    2003 Gallery Jos Art - Amsterdam - 'Newton & other structures'. At this exhibition, Lace showed his series 'Newton', 'Beethoven' and 'Carscrap'. Here he also presented his book 'Thoughts and theories - a book about art'.
    2002 Gallery Jos Art - Amsterdam - 'Canal Houses'. Lace takes part in a combined exhibition, called 'Difference in Styles', where he shows his cement tablets expressing parts of the canals in Amsterdam.
    2001 Gallery Jos Art - Amsterdam - 'Urban Transition'. This well-known gallery in Amsterdam takes Lace in their artist portfolio and in September he has his first solo exhibition with them, called 'Urban Transition'
    2006 Ygdrasil
    2005 Asphalt - Megalopolis - Utopia - Westpoort
    2004 Contiguity
    2003 Beethoven - Transition
    2002 Car Scrap - Cement - Newton - Train Station
    2001 Epoxy Landscape - Linear Progress - Study of 4 Elevators - Suburban White - Urban Contiguity
    2000 Chickenwire - Subtopian Beauty (cont 2001) - White Cubes